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Friday, May 10, 2013

Moonlit Nights - Amazon Sales Rank

I just wanted to take this moment to let everyone that's been following my new book "Moonlit Nights" know how the numbers are looking since its release on Amazon. Not only has it received ALL 5 Star reviews but it's also moving up the list in the two weeks since it was released!

(The Amazon Sales Rank is based on the sales of a book on out of the over 1,000,000 books they carry and is updated hourly)

Moonlit Nights (Trade Paperback)

             Category - Books: 82,648 (We've broke the 100,000 mark!)
          Category - Mystery/Thriller/Suspense: 3,020 (And 5,000!)
Category - Horror: 1,520

Moonlit Nights (eBook)

             Category - Books: 34,400 (We've broke the 50,000 mark!)
          Category - Mystery/Thriller/Suspense: 2,519
Category - Horror: 1,198

Thanks to everyone who's helping to make this book a success! This has just been the first two weeks of sales so please keep telling your friends/Coworkers/family and everyone else you can think of about this novel and let's get it into the top 100!

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