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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5 Star Review!

The first customer review came in on Barnes & Noble and they gave Moonlit Nights 5 STARS!

Thanks Mike!

Help get the word out to friends and family so the reviews will continue to be posted online - *Still need reviews on Amazon*

Posted May 1, 2013

 Twilight fans be warned - this is not one of those cute and lova

Twilight fans be warned - this is not one of those cute and lovable werewolf novels!
I came across this book when looking for a new novel to read two weeks ago and was VERY surprised to find that this was the authors first novel. It is incredible interesting and keeps you interested and guessing from beginning to end. It plays out like a straight thriller with a serial killer as the bad guy at the start of the book but quickly evolves into what I'd have to say is a very well thought out and original story. It covers everything from lycanthropy throughout history to a origin story of the beasts that I haven't seen done anywhere else before. Good job Mr. Parr! I will certainly be keeping my eye out for future works from you. For those of you who like to compare authors styles, I'd have to say this was a mix between "The Relic" and any number of Michael Crichton's books. It has science, history, murder and mayhem, and the characters are very deeply defined and real and you can imagine the locations so vividly. If your a fan of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Douglas Preston or even Lisa Jackson then you should check this book out! I'm already telling my friends about this guy!  --Review by Mike Sturtz 

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