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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Latest Reviews from CreateSpace for Moonlit Nights...

Being available at all major retailers, "Moonlit Nights" can also be bought at

Here are the latest reviews from CreateSpace customers...

5 Star Rating

Have you purchased Moonlit Nights already or do you plan on purchasing it in the near future?
Got it for my kindle. Not usually into stories with a supernatural twist but this one did it hella good. I love suspense and thrillers and this sure as hell hit the mark. Bullseye ;)Price isn't to bad either. You get what you pay for. Most EBOOKs that are $5.99 and under end up having like 250 pages. I dont like paying that much when you get so little. This is not the case. You get a full lengthed book to read. Thanks man.

Does this title interest you?
You know the story, someone dies, police investigate, manhunt ensues, more people die, detectives keep pursuing...its the same thing in almost every thriller and murder mystery out there. That's how this story reads except one big difference. It takes a done to death storyline and brings a original, fresh perspective to it. Instead of a regular serial killer running amock in some big city this guy put in a supernatural twist that changed the whole plot.

Theres twists and unexpected circumstances that you don't see coming. Throughout it all though, there is a unique and likeable writing style and if you are a lover of scary or suspensful reads, this book is for you.

This book is a classic suspense story written in a unique way by an author who has proven himself special. There really is a difference between this story and all the overdone ones. Its just a flat out great read.

Two thumbs up IMHO! :)
J.T. Williams May 25, 2013
4 Star Rating 
Have you purchased Moonlit Nights already or do you plan on purchasing it in the near future?
The scene of Sara alone in the metro was intriguing. Nicely done. 

Does this title interest you?
Yes. It's remnant of werewolves. The dialogue on 21 is good, genuine. Very nice detail on page 48!

Great job!
Kaaronica May 24, 2013

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