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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moonlit Nights Amazon Ranking - May 29

Here is today's (May 29) ranking...

Moonlit Nights (Trade Paperback) has moved up from 13,255 as it was in my last posting about the rank! It is now at:

             Category - Fiction: 7,424 (We've broke the 8,000 mark!)
Moonlit Nights (eBook) has moved up from 26,672 to:

             Category - Fiction: 17,624 (We've broke the 20,000 mark!)
Order your copy today and help this title move up to the top 100!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sneak Peek at the next book by "Moonlit Nights" author Jacob Parr

Chosen for their profession...
They never see his face...
All they know is Tragedy!

  1. An event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe
2. A form of art based on human suffering that offers its audience pleasure

“Moonlit Nights” author Jacob Parr delivers his most harrowing novel yet as journalist Jenny Blake aids a man whose pregnant girlfriend was just horribly murdered, a man she knows nothing about, in the pursuit of his lover’s sadistic murderer. The problem is that the killings have just begun. The psychopath is on a mission to rid the city’s streets of those he considers inferior.  For the working girls whose livelihood is centered on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland's Inner Harbor, work has never been so dangerous! A terribly wicked game has just begun at the hands of the serial killer who calls himself Tragedy.

Monday, May 27, 2013


HowlOutCast - "A podcast based in NYC that talks all things werewolf"

I've been listening to their latest episodes that you can find through their new blog at

Host's Kaijudo, Lady Q and Furankisan are quite entertaining and certainly do a great job keeping people up to date on all things werewolf!

The podcasts are live every Tuesday so make sure you tune in.

**They will be mentioning "Moonlit Nights" on the next show!**

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Latest Reviews from CreateSpace for Moonlit Nights...

Being available at all major retailers, "Moonlit Nights" can also be bought at

Here are the latest reviews from CreateSpace customers...

5 Star Rating

Have you purchased Moonlit Nights already or do you plan on purchasing it in the near future?
Got it for my kindle. Not usually into stories with a supernatural twist but this one did it hella good. I love suspense and thrillers and this sure as hell hit the mark. Bullseye ;)Price isn't to bad either. You get what you pay for. Most EBOOKs that are $5.99 and under end up having like 250 pages. I dont like paying that much when you get so little. This is not the case. You get a full lengthed book to read. Thanks man.

Does this title interest you?
You know the story, someone dies, police investigate, manhunt ensues, more people die, detectives keep pursuing...its the same thing in almost every thriller and murder mystery out there. That's how this story reads except one big difference. It takes a done to death storyline and brings a original, fresh perspective to it. Instead of a regular serial killer running amock in some big city this guy put in a supernatural twist that changed the whole plot.

Theres twists and unexpected circumstances that you don't see coming. Throughout it all though, there is a unique and likeable writing style and if you are a lover of scary or suspensful reads, this book is for you.

This book is a classic suspense story written in a unique way by an author who has proven himself special. There really is a difference between this story and all the overdone ones. Its just a flat out great read.

Two thumbs up IMHO! :)
J.T. Williams May 25, 2013
4 Star Rating 
Have you purchased Moonlit Nights already or do you plan on purchasing it in the near future?
The scene of Sara alone in the metro was intriguing. Nicely done. 

Does this title interest you?
Yes. It's remnant of werewolves. The dialogue on 21 is good, genuine. Very nice detail on page 48!

Great job!
Kaaronica May 24, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

And another 5 STAR review on Booksamillion...

One of the best thrillers of the year! by thrillgirl31

I saw a few of the 5 star reviews online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a couple other places and after reading this book, I could not agree more with those other reviews! This book is a great thriller, with amazing characters that you really understand and feel for and a mystery that unfolds that puts some of the bigger named authors to shame. I can't stop telling my friends about this. One of the better reviews to explain what I could try to was "Itis a fresh new perspective in a world where people seem to keep rehashing the same tired story lines over and over again. One of the greatest strengths of Moonlit Nights is the author's development of the characters, their individual storylines and particular arcs. It devotes just the right amount of time to every person in this book and actually makes you care about what happens to them! picture and the imagery would be amazing! This book takes what appears to be the story of a possible serial killer in the Washington D.C. area and adds one of the most unique supernatural elements to it that i've read in a long time. It is truly scary and keeps you guessing right up to the end. Moonlit Nights gets my highest rating of satisfaction because I couldn't put it down. Once it gets going you are in for one hell of a ride!" so true!
Glad you liked it Thrillgirl31

Two more great reviews in the last couple days!

 Keep them coming please...
5 Star Rating

Have you purchased Moonlit Nights already or do you plan on purchasing it in the near future?
I purchassed it.

Does this title interest you?
I read it and liked it very much. I heard about it through the website and decided to check it out. Very entertaining. The characters and there situations were so realistic. I was so afraid for them in the intense parts. "Jacob Parr is the latest author to take the concept and turn it into a runaway success. His new novel, ‘Moonlit Nights’ has recently staked its place as a fierce contender in the thriller, mystery and suspense genres. Forcing hordes of readers to keep their lights on at night, Parr’s bold and vivid narrative is a true hair-raiser." was what first got my attention from one website i saw and its very much true.
Stephen Phillips Jr. May 21, 2013

4 Star Rating

Have you purchased Moonlit Nights already or do you plan on purchasing it in the near future?
Started reading it - almost finished - can't put it down!

Does this title interest you?
Incredibly detailed and pulls you right into the situations - very descriptive - scary good read - I want more~!
Anonymous May 21, 2013

These reviews came from the CreateSpace site. Thanks to Steven Phillips Jr. and whoever Anonymous is!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Press Release

Moonlit Nights: Lycanthropy Meets Mystery in Compelling New Thriller by Jacob Parr.

With a narrative that fuses the supernatural and mythological with scientific fact, ‘Moonlit Nights’ takes readers on a thrilling literary journey that feels unsettlingly close to home. With a unique twist on the average thriller and together with the fascinating ability of Lycanthropy, Parr’s novel is set to resonate with readers around the world.

Rockville, Maryland/Washington D.C. – While wolves are often regarded as one of the wild’s most beautiful creatures, their existence and potential is also steeped in rich mythology. With many cultures around the world believing that some people hold the supernatural power to transform themselves into the animal through the process of lycanthropy, wolves and shape-shifting have long been a popular subject in compelling fiction.

Jacob Parr is the latest author to take the concept and turn it into a runaway success. His new novel, ‘Moonlit Nights’ has recently staked its place as a fierce contender in the thriller, mystery and suspense genres. Forcing hordes of readers to keep their lights on at night, Parr’s bold and vivid narrative is a true hair-raiser.

A crime spree of horrendous proportions is just beginning in the Washington Metropolitan Area as bodies begin to turn up horribly mutilated and torn to pieces.
Aidan Preston, a Homicide Detective for the Montgomery County Police Department, delves into the case, finding himself immersed in a dark and dangerous world, the likes of which he has never seen.
What secrets do these moonlit nights hold?

The author explains that, while fictional, his narrative calls on scientific fact to take readers on a vivid and very real journey.
“It is a fresh new take and offers a well-researched perspective on not only these creatures of legend but the psychological condition of lycanthropy as well while making it a pulse racing thriller that continues to build all the way until the climax,” says Parr, who set his book in his native East Coast of the United States.
Continuing, “It’s being compared to NY Times bestselling authors work such as Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s “The Relic”, many of Michael Crichton’s science-laced novels like “Congo” and “Jurassic Park” and others as well. It takes a supernatural/mythological character and bases it in science and reasoning to make it a very real and horrifying possibility.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“It is a fresh new perspective in a world where people seem to keep rehashing the same tired story lines over and over again. One of the greatest strengths of Moonlit Nights is the author’s development of the characters, their individual storylines and particular arcs. It devotes just the right amount of time to every person in this book and actually makes you care about what happens to them!” says reviewer, Mark Kyle.
Pamela Beasley was equally as impressed, adding, “It is very well written, which is good. The plot is put together very well. If you are into mystery and thrills, this is more than a sufficient story to read.”
With the book’s popularity sharply rising, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Moonlit Nights’, published by CreateSpace, is available now in print and ebook:

ISBN-10: 1484195930
ISBN-13: 978-1484195932
For more information, visit the author’s official website:
Video Trailer:

About the Author:
Jacob Parr currently lives on the Eastern Shore of the United States. As a writer he has written many different genres and lengths of stories over the course of his life. In high school, he was awarded and recognized upon graduation from the State of Maryland for his literary efforts.
In college, he continued his passion for short stories and novels. He is currently at work on his second, full-length novel titled ‘Tragedy’, which will be set in the Baltimore Washington Area of the Nation’s Capitol.

Author's Note: You can find this release making its way around the TV/radio, newspapers and online sites/blogs and here...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

List of services for Dark Moon Studios...

Professional Services:

§  Book blurb - $15 apiece
§  Press release - .06 cents per word
§  Video book trailer - $350 for 30 seconds/$500 for 60 seconds

§  Book Critique Service - $50

§  Promotional marketing materials (Banners, business card images, postcards and sell sheets) $50

§  Query letter - $15 dollars per letter
§  Synopsis review - $7.00 per synopsis

Description of Services...

 ** Press Release **
-- $ .06 cents per word--

"This is a must in today's media-savy world!" A professional crafted and well-written press release announcing the launch of your product, ready for distribution to the media. Press releases can be great promotional tools not only for the release of new works, but to announce other types of significant news such as the achievement of awards and other accolades.

Complete a brief questionnaire to tell us about yourself and the key messages and themes in your book.  A professional public relations writer will then craft a well-written press release announcing the availability of your product from the information provided. The final press release will be ready for you to distribute to the media.

** Video Book Trailer **
-- $350 to $500 --
You choose between a 30 second or 60 second promotional trailer for your product.
  • Hook readers across a network of video-sharing communities with a movie trailer-style preview of your book.
  • Add it to your personal website, post it on your blog, or share it through e-mail with friends, family, and potential buyers

  •   ** Book Critique Service **
    -- $50 --
    A professional critique of your novel/novella or short story collection.

    This will include:

    §  book cover
    §  book title

    §  opening paragraph

    §  plot of story

    §  characters

    §  errors

    §  book blurb.

    ** Promotional Marketing Materials **
    (Banners, business card images, postcard graphics and sell sheets)

    -- $50 --
    You will have custom designed graphics and media material images created from the information you provide regarding your book, event or project based on the images, photos and info you submit. 
    Sell Sheet Details
     single-sided 11" x 8.5" sell sheets graphics featuring:
    • Brief product introduction
    • Detailed product summary
    • Your biography
    • Full-color cover art
    • Buying information

    Business Card Details

    Standard-sized (2"x3.5") business card graphics featuring:
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    Bookmark Details

    2" x 5.5" bookmarks featuring:
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    • Ordering information

    Postcard Details

    4"x 6" postcards featuring:
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    • An enticing description of your product
    • Ordering information

    ** Other Services **
    *If there is a service that you need that is not listed above, feel free to contact me about it and I will give you a quote.

    ** Payment of Services **
    §  Payment for any of the services listed above can be made via PayPal
    Description: Just use PayPal as you normally would to send money to pay for any Goods/Services through Ebay or any other online retailer. Make sure you send it to the e-mail address below. Select your address if needed. Lastly, use the 'comments' section to enter what you would like the signed copy to say and who it should be made out to.
     You can send your PAYPAL payment here:

    ** How to contact me **
    §   Email me if you have any questions or would like more information regarding any of these services at:

    Dark Moon Studios

    I wanted to let everyone know that my company is now official! Dark Moon Studios has been created to not only host my literary works such as the novel "Moonlit Nights" and all future books, but it will also begin offering various professional writing and media services for authors and companies.

    This includes: Press Releases, Video Book Trailers, Promotional Marketing Materials (banners, business cards, postcards and sell sheet images) and more all for a VERY reasonable price. So many places out there are charging exuberant prices for these items. The list will be up tomorrow with descriptions of what comes with each selection and the price.

    Please check back soon for a list of services to be provided...

    Saturday, May 18, 2013

    Today's Amazon Rank!

    Here is today's rankings for Moonlit Nights...

    Moonlit Nights (Trade Paperback) has moved up from 16,370 as it was in my last posting about the rank! It is now at:

                 Category - Fiction: 13,255 (We've broke the 15,000 mark!)
    Moonlit Nights (eBook) has moved up from 28,036 to:

                 Category - Fiction: 26,672 
    Order your copy today and help this title move up to the top 100!

    Friday, May 17, 2013

    Officially listed in Authors Database...

    As of yesterday, I am officially listed in the Authors Database at:

    Take a moment to check out my profile and some of the other great authors listed on the site!

    New book and authors to check out...

    I just wanted to take a moment and mention a new book that came out recently called Hunt or Be Hunted: Burning Desires -Volume 1). It is written by C.H. Bordelon and is certainly a must read!

    To find out more about this book and the authors, visit their site here:

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS: Flash Fiction by Jacob Parr

    BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS: Flash Fiction by Jacob Parr: Last week Books of the Dead showcased Moonlit Nights , the new debut novel by Jacob Parr . Today I'm sharing some flash fiction from...

    Another glowing review for Moonlit Nights!

    First, I just want to say thanks to Mark Kyle for taking the time to write this review after reading the book. I think it's pretty self-explanatory so i'll let you get right to it...

    5 Star Rating

    "Once it gets going you are in for one hell of a ride!"

    Have you purchased Moonlit Nights already or do you plan on purchasing it in the near future?
    I bought this book and loved it. This book sheds a whole new light on the mythology of its main antagonist: the werewolf!

    Itis a fresh new perspective in a world where people seem to keep rehashing the same tired story lines over and over again.
    One of the greatest strengths of Moonlit Nights is the author’s development of the characters, their individual storylines and particular arcs. It devotes just the right amount of time to every person in this book and actually makes you care about what happens to them!

    Does this title interest you?
    This title could be made into a major motion picture and the imagery would be amazing! This book takes what appears to be the story of a possible serial killer in the Washington D.C. area and adds one of the most unique supernatural elements to it that i've read in a long time. It is truly scary and keeps you guessing right up to the end. Moonlit Nights gets my highest rating of satisfaction because I couldn't put it down. Once it gets going you are in for one hell of a ride!
    5 Star Rating Mark Kyle May 15, 2013

    Order your copy of this book today at Amazon:
    Author's Note: Please remember that if you purchased and enjoyed Moonlit Nights to please write a review online. It can be as long or as short as you like, but help spread the word to the masses. Thanks!

    Monday, May 13, 2013

    Sample chapter...

    Here is a sample chapter from the book since some people wanted to read some mayhem...

    Chapter 7

    “Hey leave some for me!” Megan yelled, reaching out to grab the bottle of Grey Goose vodka from Tony’s hand before he could finish downing the last drops.
    Tony took another quick sip before letting his lips off from the bottle and handed it to Megan as she slipped away from him, taking a quick gulp herself. The liquor burned going down her throat and she felt the heat rise in her chest as the alcohol warmed her, standing there in the cold, night air with one of the cuter boys from her high school. Tony wrapped his arms around her thin waist and pulled her to him, kissing her on the neck as she leaned in against his lean, taunt frame. The muscles in his arms were hard, and Megan watched as they stretched across his young, tattooed skin.
    “Oh baby, what a night!” Tony roared, the alcohol he had already consumed causing his words to slur slightly as he rocked Megan against him in the silver glow of the moon shining down through the ancient maple and oak trees around them. The night air was cold, a light wind rustling up through the tall trees and blowing a scattering of leaves across the gravel lot the teens were partying in. The abandoned quarry was the perfect spot for teens out late at night, looking for a little privacy and a lot of fun. Being a ways off the beaten path, the empty lot was the choice place for young adults to break out and party. The quarry’s natural layout provided the perfect cover for those visiting the local lover’s lane, a small, unused gravel drive leading up to the large excavation site, with untouched woods on all sides thanks to the current housing market being down the tube and new developments on the back burner. And with construction having been halted at the site since early last year due to permit problems, the abandoned construction site was the perfect place to steal away on a weekday night for some adult fun.
    Tony ran his nose into Megan’s neck, causing her to squeal a little and look over to the other people they were sharing the space with. Scott and Becky were a few feet away, sitting on the hood of Scott’s Mustang, a few empty beer bottles laying on the ground around them as they made out, so self-absorbed in their actions that they might as well have been alone. The way those two behaved, especially once they were well into the party, they didn’t care who was around to witness their transgressions. PDA was something they were definitely not ashamed of! Scott ran his hands down his girl’s back, squeezing her jean clad butt and bringing a low moan from her as they continued kissing.
    Megan tilted the bottle of Goose to her mouth once more and drained the last of the stinging liquid down her throat.
    God alcohol sure got her feeling right!
    “Let me get some,” Tony said reaching for the bottle, then realizing it was empty, he gave Megan a proud smile and tossed the bottle off to the side. “Looks like it’s time to open up the Jack.”
    Tony broke away from Megan, stumbling over to the back of the Mustang.
    “Break it up you two lovebirds!” he cried, making his way past Scott and Becky and into the cooler. He pulled a new bottle from the rear of the car, and cracked it open. Before he took a swig of the whiskey, he reached over to the radio and cranked the knob up.
    “I love this song!” he cried out as the music blared from the car’s stereo. The deep rhythmic thump of Kiss’ ‘Party All Night Long’, erupted into the night as Tony made his way back to Megan, cradling the bottle of whiskey like a newborn baby. Tony’s baggy pants hung low on his waist, working on falling off his butt as he crossed the gravel, dragging his feet and kicking stones as he walked. He was tall and thin, his sleeveless shirt open revealing  tattoos covering every inch of exposed skin on his arms and chest. While Tony wasn’t the type to play sports or participate in extracuricular activities sanctioned by the school, Megan knew he kept in great shape from the way the light portrayed his pale skin. The metal studs that filled his ears and lip reflected the pale moon cascading down upon them through the trees surrounding the quarry, and noticing she was watching him, he stuck his tongue out revealing a piercing that he waggled up and down like a snake.
    What was it about the punk look that got to her so? Megan wondered. It was probably the fact that Tony, with his piercings and tattoos and his hair shaved short on the sides and long in the middle sporting a dyed blue mohawk was so unlike most of the boys she knew. While he ignored the social acceptance that high school placed on those that fit it, Tony rebelled from being expected to conform to the ‘clicks’ and made his own way. That or it could be the fact that Megan’s parents were horrified by the boys appearance and actions, and they didn’t want their sweet, innocent angel being tainted by the boy’s wicked charm.
    “Where did you guys get all that?” Becky asked, looking at the bottle Tony had opened and was now downing in long gulps. Scott pulled away from her and walked over to the others in their group.
    “Tony’s got an I.D.” Megan provided, watching Scott and Tony trade gulps from the whiskey.
    “Wait, where did he get a fake?”
    “Who said it was fake?” Tony asked giving Becky a queer smile.
    “Then how—?” Becky began to ask, before Megan answered, “He used his brothers!”
    “Oh,” Becky muttered.
    “Don’t worry babe, it’s only illegal if you get caught!” Scott called out as he walked back towards his waiting girl. Scott was stocky and short, a defensive tackle on their high school football team, with just enough brains to keep him from not failing out. He was a born jock and that was what made him and Becky such a great fit. She was on the cheerleading squad, and for some reason that stood the test of time, they were the two types of people that wound up together before they were all old enough to head off to different colleges, their lives forever distanced no matter what bond they held in high school. Megan knew that her and Tony were one of those. She knew it was nothing serious that they shared, and once the year was out, they would probably both be headed in completely opposite directions. Oh well, at least she could have her fun while it lasted! Megan thought as she picked up a still cold beer she had set down earlier from the ground and sipped from it.
    “It’s a shame Amy couldn’t get out tonight,” Becky said as she hopped off the hood of Scott’s Mustang and walked over to be enveloped in the boy’s arms. His larger build seemed to absorb Becky’s smaller, lithe size like she was hugging a life-sized teddy bear.
    Yeah those two made a cute couple.
    “Yeah well, that’s what happens when your mom’s a pig,” Tony muttered as he lit a cigarette and blew the smoke out through his nostrils.
    “I know, that would suck. I hate cops as it is, I can’t imagine living with one!” Scott cried out, grabbing Becky and swinging her around in a circle.
    “But we’ll just have to have enough fun for Amy as well!” he continued twirling her, until they were both dizzy and Becky collapsed on the dirt with a cry. “Oommpph!”
    The group’s drunk laughter filled the night air, mingling with the music blaring out of the cars speakers. Scott helped Becky up, her hands wiping dirt from her legs and rear as she regained her balance. Megan watched the two come together, their mouths meeting as they kissed drunkenly yet passionately. Maybe those two would end up staying together after high school, Megan thought watching their hands explore each other feverishly, the bottle of whiskey sitting on the gravel beside them.
    “There you go, get it Scott!” Tony chanted, pulling Megan closer to him as they watched the two make out in front of them. Megan could tell that the alcohol had loosened Becky up, the girl usually more timid when it came to such public actions. Of course, they were all pretty drunk by now, most of the whiskey Tony had opened now floating in each of their stomachs as they danced around the quarry. After a few minutes, Tony pulled her close and whispered, “What do you say we sneak off for a little bit?”
    Megan knew where his mind was heading, and with how good she was feeling now, she wasn’t about to argue, Not bothering to tell their friends where they were going, she took Tony’s hand as he led them further from the car and into the darker corner of the lot. They passed around a large pile of gravel, and made their way into the tree line near the west end of the quarry. It was darker here, and feeling Tony’s hot breath on her neck, her blood raced through her body, warming her even more. The anticipation of what was to come made her even  hotter, her skin no longer feeling the cold as she slipped her jacket off and dropped it to the ground. They wound their way a little further from the car and their friends, the music being barely audible to them once they came to a stop.
    “Wait, don’t you think they might come looking for us?” Megan asked, taking a look behind her and seeing nothing but darkness covering the path they had taken.
    Tony took her hands in his and pulled her against him, the warmth of his own body covering her as he ran his hands up and down the small of her back, feeling the goose-bumps rise on the skin underneath her thin shirt. He leaned back against one of the many old trees that surrounded the land the quarry was on, trying to slip his hands under Megan’s shorts.
    “Don’t worry about it. They want privacy just as much as we do,” he groaned, his hands grabbing onto her rear and pulling her tight against him. She could smell the mixture of vodka and whiskey on his breath as his mouth met hers and their tongues danced around together. He pushed his body against hers, bringing his hips tightly against her own and ground his pelvis around lightly. A soft moan escaped Megan’s lips as she opened her eyes and pulled Tony tighter. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and her head was against his, the light prickles from the stubble of his mohawk tickling the side of her face. As they held together like this, Megan could feel the passion in her loins rising. She wanted Tony right then and there, but wasn’t sure she’d be able to. What if Scott and Becky came stumbling upon them in the heat of the moment? She’d just die! Then again, if she didn’t keep going with what Tony had started, she might die either way.
    Tony’s mouth continued nuzzling against the soft flesh of her neck, lightly nipping at her throat as his hands continued exploring her body. Megan took a deep breath, exhaling slowly as she felt her head swim from the mixture of passion and alcohol. Boy if her parents could see her now, she thought, picturing the shocked expressions on their faces if they were to see their daughter with this anti-government, teen punk, his pierced and tattooed body running against her own. The thought seemed to add to Megan’s delight as Tony’s tongue ran along her neck, eliciting a shock from her body. Her eyes shot open and in that moment, the darkness of the woods around them, the tree they were leaning against, the soft music floating through the night air, and her body tight against his all seemed to mix together in an alcohol fueled vision, her breath coming out of her body and visibly warming the cold night air. Yes, this was perfect!
    It was at that moment that she thought she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She tried to turn her head but Tony was too busy holding her and planting kisses across her delicate clavicle. Twisting slightly in his grip, she heard Scott groan, obviously annoyed at her sudden movements and change of pace.
    “Wait— wait, Tony I thought I saw—,” she started to say, but Scott just kept up his oral attack on her neck, sucking her sweet flesh into his mouth and running the stud of his tongue up to her cheek. Megan suddenly caught sight of something further back in the woods, this time she was positive! “Scott!” she yelled, trying to push the boy off of here for a moment, his advances continuing to be persistent.
    Finally Megan twisted out of his grip, Tony huffing loudly, “Ughh! What is with you?!” Megan just pulled away from him, bringing her finger up to her lip and attempting to quiet him. “Shush, I thought I saw something!”
    Megan’s eyes searched the darkness splayed out before them. The forest seemed dead silent, the always present chirping of crickets and nightlife absent, an eerie calm having settled over the woods. It was too dark to see very far, the trees forming a canopy that the moonlight couldn’t seem to pierce. She had seen something, hadn’t she?
    Tiring of waiting, Tony reached out for her only to find her pull  away from his reach again.
    “Dammit Meg, what is your deal?” he asked, his mood quickly going dark as he pulled his cigarettes from his pocket. Muttering to himself he lit the end with his lighter and took a deep drag. As he breathed out, he heard a loud snap from somewhere behind them.
    Megan’s eyes widened and a chill swept through her body as she suddenly felt quite exposed out here in the woods. She thought back to where he jacket was, and realized she had dropped it as they had walked to their secluded spot. Now the cold night air was ever more present and she wished she hadn’t tossed the coat aside.
    “It’s probably just Scott messing around!” Tony said, exhaling another stream of smoke into the air and leaning off the tree. “That you buddy boy?” he called out into the pitch black void.
    “I don’t think it was them, I thought I saw—” Megan began to say, her lips barely breathing the words.
    “Thought you saw what? The boogeyman? Haha, yeah that’s what it is, the boogeyman’s come to scare us away so he can probably get down with his own girrrrllll!” Tony shouted, the slur of his speech drowning out the last part of his rant.
    Megan wished he would just be quiet. She couldn’t see or hear anything with Tony acting like such a drunk ass. Then she heard another noise. This time it sounded like it was closer. A sickly snap of a branch or something cracked out from the forest depths.
    “Tony, please…” Megan whined.
    “Oh stop being such a baby— Scott is that you? Becky?” Tony yelled, stepping away from the tree and taking a few steps towards the source of the noise. Megan walked quickly up to him, dreading what could be out there, the primal fear of not knowing causing her blood to thicken and her skin to grow cold. At least Tony was there with her. He may not be much in the athletic department, but he would protect her from the unknown. Wouldn’t he?
    Maybe it is just Becky and Scott messing around! God I’ll kill Becky!
    Tony took another step towards the dark woods then stopped. He took another puff of his cigarette then turned towards Megan, a shrug raising his shoulders. Just then she did see movement off to the right, behind a series of trees about thirty yards away. It looked like a group of people running through the forest. That wasn’t Scott and Becky then! Megan raised her arm to point, drawing Tony’s attention back behind him and he glanced around the still forest, struggling to see what had got Megan so hyped up.
    “Girl, I think your seeing things, how much did you have to drink?” he asked with a annoyed look crossing over his face.
    “I swear to God, I saw something out there! It looked like it was a group of people running around!” Megan shouted, the strange feeling of being watched coming over her, and the hairs of the nape of her neck began tingling.
    “Yeah right, it’s the damn forest! You probably saw a squirrel or fox or something!”
    Megan just stood there shaking, her arms wrapped tight under her breasts. She could feel her chest rising in quick, shallow breaths as her eyes scanned the darkness before her. She knew it hadn’t been some small animal. It had been people. A group of at least four of them!
    “I want to go back,” she said, the shaking of her voice evident in her tone. Tony just looked at her with a mock look of surrender. Obviously the night wasn’t turning out how he wanted it too.
    “Fine, fine, we’ll head back to the others!” he bitched, turning away from Megan and stalking off in the direction of the car and their friends. Megan hurriedly caught up to him, almost tripping at one point when a rush of intoxication flooded through her, her stomach churning ever so unbalanced. She reached out a hand to steady herself, the spinning of the woods taking a moment to stop, and at that moment they both heard the bloodcurdling scream.
    Looking at each other with wide eyes, Tony and Megan heard a loud sound of something being broken apart from up ahead, and before they could do anything, a shape appeared in the darkness up ahead. Unable to move, Megan just stood there, her mouth open in silent horror as the image of Scott came stumbling into view. He looked lost and bewildered, his hair a mess, and his head swinging around wildly as he stumbled at them.
    “What the hell?” Tony cried out as Scott almost collided into them, his mouth mumbling some incoherent nonsense that Megan couldn’t discern over Tony’s hysterics. When he turned to look at her, his eyes catching onto Megan’s, she saw right then and there the most terrified look she had ever seen deep in those hazel orbs. Scott reached out and grabbed hold of Tony’s arm, mumbling something that sounded like ‘Becky’. Becky? Where was Becky? Megan suddenly realized her friend hadn’t arrived with Scott and that before the boy had come running out of the darkness, both her and Tony had heard a terrible scream.
    “Oh my God!” Tony suddenly cried out, backing away from Scott as the boy dropped onto the ground, his arm clutching tightly to his stomach. That’s when Megan saw the dark, crimson stain that was seeping through the young football player’s shirt. Scott’s head lolled to the side, his breath coming out in gasps as he writhed around on the ground, reaching out and trying to grab anything with his free left hand. Blood continued to seep from his stomach and Megan watched as the ground began to run red with the liquid.
    Dear Lord! What in the hell?
    Megan stood there paralyzed. She didn’t know what to do as Tony, seemed to be about to pass out from shock. He was dancing about, looking back and forth from down at his friend’s dying body to the blood that were now covering his own hands. Then Scott’s ramblings seemed to halt and he took a deep breath. Coughing violently, blood seeped up from his throat, gurgling up and out the sides of his mouth like overflowing creek. His eyes began to roll back into his head as his swinging arm finally caught hold of Megan’s wrist. With a painful effort he pulled her down to her knees beside him. Megan could feel the tears welling in her eyes and begin to fall across her cheeks as she looked at the sight forever seared into her memory. Scott turned his head towards her and with one last gasp, blood pouring freely from his stomach and draining across the rocky ground, muttered, “run!”
    Megan and Tony both looked at each other, blood smeared over their arms and clothes as a loud snap erupted from behind them. Tony didn’t have time to turn his head and look, but the fear he saw in Megan’s own eyes was enough to let him know they were both about to die!

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